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Our Fees

The subject of fees is always a delicate one to address. Nevertheless, we believe it is important for our clients to know our fees and understand what and how we charge them for our services.

We have two methods of charging for our services, namely:

Hourly Rates

Generally our fees are based on an hourly rate. We believe that an hourly rate is the fairest solution for our clients as we only charge them for the services that we perform.

Any disbursements incurred on behalf of our clients such as court filing fees and bailiff fees are charged to our clients along with our fees. Our invoices are very detailed and clearly indicate all time and disbursement charges that we invoice our clients. Our fees are payable upon receipt of our invoice unless special arrangements are made with us. As is typical for most law firms, we usually request a retainer for our new clients.

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Legal Aid

We specialize in business law and do not handle family or criminal law cases. Legal aid does not cover business law cases and as such we do not accept nor handle legal aid cases.

Set Price

For certain specific mandates such as the incorporation of a company and the filing of a trademark we charge a fixed fee plus disbursements.

Our services encompass all areas of business law and our areas of expertise include the following:

Did you know? Our legal FAQ provides answers to your legal questions and informative legal articles.

Our online Legal Solutions & Packages provide a professional and cost effective solution for numerous legal matters such as the incorporation of a company, the collection of unpaid invoices or filing of a trademark.

We have compiled a selection of business legal forms, agreements and letters which we are offering for free download.

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